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11/1/2006 - November 2006 Newsletter

November 2006 Dear Friends and Supporters, Regardless of how we feel about President George W. Bush’s foreign policy, we must realize the war on terror is one that cannot be avoided. America must take every reasonable step to protect herself for not only today, but for the years ahead. We live in a topsy-turvy world where those who are the greatest abusers of human rights accuse democracy as the wrongdoer. Just as Adolph Hitler described Britain and France in 1937 as “hate inspired” countries, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accuse America as the hatemonger and President Bush as the devil. At the same time, Pope Benedict is accused of hatred when he makes reference to an ancient statement about Islam; the Muslim world rises up in indignation and demands an apology. In the context of religious freedom, how do we view such comments? What has made America great is her religious freedom. It transcends temporal issues. How does Islam fit in with America’s religious freedom today? Religious belief of every form is permitted, but destructive action is not. There has always been a constitutional line of demarcation between the right to believe and the right to act. Courts have been too restrictive on occasion for ordinary religious activities. At somewhere along the way, however, the religion of terror must be properly addressed. In preparation for a talk to home schoolers, I reviewed materials on the history of America’s “separation of church and state.” I was again reminded that America’s concepts and laws are based on Judeo Christian history and principles. Those are no more clearly understood than in a review of early American history. This month’s Educational Update is a summary of the new perspective on Jefferson’s “wall of separation.” Nothing in this history is new, but few have talked about it. We hope you find this intriguing. Please continue to support our work with your tax deductible contributions. The end of the year is approaching and your contributions will be tax deductible for 2006. We are very grateful for your support. Yours very truly, A. Eric Johnston

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