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7/1/2006 - July 2006 Newsletter

SOUTHEAST LAW INSTITUTE™ 1200 Corporate Drive, Suite 107 Highway 280 - Meadow Brook Corporate Park Birmingham, Alabama 35242 Telephone: (205) 408-8893 E-mail: AEJ@SoutheastlawInstitute.org Facsimile: (205) 408-8894 www.southeastlawinstitute.org July 2006 Dear Friends and Supporters, The best news we could possibly report is the overwhelming approval of the constitutional amendment establishing traditional marriage in Alabama. Eighty-one percent of voters voted to amend Alabama’s Constitution to state that marriage shall only be between one man and one woman and Alabama will not recognize any type of civil union, whether such a marriage or civil union takes place in Alabama or another state. Alabama now joins 17 other states who have clearly enunciated protection for traditional marriage by similar overwhelming percentages. What is very significant about this vote is that it was not necessary to spend millions of dollars to gain approval for the proposal. This demonstrates that it is not necessary to convince Alabamians of its importance. It is something they naturally know. This should not keep Alabamians from reaching out to homosexuals, particularly those who want to radically change one of our most important cultural institutions. We need to help them understand a normal lifestyle. There is more very exciting news this month. We have been involved for some time in an effort to stop unlawful abortions at the Summit Medical Center, Inc., in Birmingham. Non-physicians have been unlawfully administering abortifacients to abort viable children. This month’s Educational Update reports on this. Your financial and prayer support have made the above and our recent legislative efforts possible. These exciting victories have taken precedence over our legislative report to you, but you will have it soon. As we always remind you in the summer, it is a difficult time to raise funds. We need to replenish and strengthen our financial and spiritual accounts. Therefore, please remember us in your charitable giving and keep us on your prayer list. With personal regards and on behalf of the Southeast Law Institute, I am, Yours very truly, A. Eric Johnston AEJ/pmm

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