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4/1/2014 - April 2014 SLI Newsletter


                                                                                                                        April 2014

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

 We are very concerned for religious freedom in America.  With an unexpected suddenness, the free exercise rights of Americans to believe, worship and act as their conscience dictates is under fire. 

 This month’s Educational Update shares some observations that we have about this challenge to religious freedom.  The purpose of this Educational Update is not to analyze in detail the legal theories and how they interact.  It is meant to be an observation of events which we will see unfolding beginning in June of this year, when the United States Supreme Court releases court opinions.  We will also see developments in the various states where there are challenges to traditional marriage laws.  The most important thing that we can do during this time, as Christians, is to pray for our protection and for the preservation of our constitutional rights.

By the time you receive this letter the General Session of the Alabama Legislature will be winding down.  We will give you a report on our various efforts in an upcoming Educational Update.  For now, it appears almost certain that the nonpublic school bills on which we have been working for the protection of church and home schools are destined to die.  One of the bills, SB38, should be signed by the Governor, having passed both the Senate and House.  It will provide some measure of protection, but not what nonpublic school students need in Alabama.  Likely, these efforts must be renewed again next year.

While we had a total of five good pro-life bills, their future is uncertain at this time.  They have passed the House, but are now in various stages in the Senate.  If they pass the Senate, we expect the Governor to sign them.  With only three days left in the session, that is a very short time.

 As citizens, one of our most important civic duties is to vote.  As Christians, one of our most important civic duties is the vote for persons who represent our values.  This month’s Educational Update demonstrates this.  The Primary Election is Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

 Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts.  Your financial and prayer support are an absolutely necessary ingredient.  On behalf of the Southeast Law Institute, I am,

                                                                                     Yours very truly,

                                                                                       A. Eric Johnston

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