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2/1/2013 - February 2013 SLI Educational Update - Obama's Vision of America Will Not Work Because It Cannot Work



To:                  SLI Supporters                                  

Date:               February 1, 2013  

From:              A. Eric Johnston

Re:                  Obama’s Vision of America Will Not Work Because It Cannot Work


Barack Obama was reelected President on a campaign for larger government, more taxes, abortion, gay rights and no God in the platform.  The majority of Americans put Obama there, though maybe no more than by a 380,000 vote margin.  Statistics show that blacks, Latinos and women voted in higher numbers, but fewer citizens overall voted than in the last election.  A significant number of these were a young generation of inexperienced and unaffiliated voters.  What the majority voted for is not the American way.

Because the majority elected Obama, it does not make his policies right, but it does comport with the principles of “we the people.”  So, has America come to her end?  Will the Republican Party capitulate to progressive, liberal and libertarian demands?  Could be, God knows because he is omniscient.  We cannot know His will, except as revealed by Scripture, which like our Constitution, does not change.  If we hold to these self-evident truths, we will prevail.  If we do not, then the Obamas of this world will lead us into oblivion. 

The truth is, citizens have voted their trust in a man who rules largely by executive order, czars and department heads, bypassing Congress when possible, and not through the form of government our Constitution requires.  Obama will not moderate.  In fact, he proclaims he has a mandate.  We trust that four more years of this aberrant rule will bring the American people back to their senses of constitutional rule. 

Political parties are not our savior, but only the vehicle for dealing with systems of government.  We do not put our faith in the Republican Party, which is being urged by many to abandon social and fiscal conservatism and embrace the values of the younger generation who accept same-sex marriage, abortion, legalizing marijuana and other realities that were not long ago criminal acts.  Even Human Events, the premiere conservative national newspaper, published an article by a libertarian urging the GOP to abandon those values.  He euphemistically characterized it as obtaining “individual freedom.”  Funny – individual freedom is what has preserved America these two centuries, but not through beastly individualism.  The Republican Party must hold fast to its values.  It must continue to have sound conservative leadership and be a counterweight to the godless policies of the Democrat Party.  More importantly, we the people must recognize our responsibility to insist on the proper form of government. 

 The rest of the world is not like us.  America is “exceptional.”  Barack Obama does not recognize that.  We are just another nation, not “a shining ‘city on a hill,’” not a home to “the huddled masses,” not a defender of the free world – simply put – not anything special.  The rest of the world does not recognize we are exceptional.  We alone possess inalienable legal rights.  Yet, our enemy is within, not without.  We learn our best lessons from history.  A recent edition of Imprimis[1], featured an interview with Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn saying:

“. . . Our nation’s elites today . . . rejects . . . objective principles – equality under God, inalienable rights – on which America was founded . . . . Obama embraces this . . . in his book The Audacity of Hope: ‘Implicit . . . in the very idea of ordered liberty,’ he writes, is a ‘rejection of absolute truth, the infallibility of any idea or ideology or theology or ‘ism,’ any tyrannical consistency that might lock future generations into a single unalterable course . . . .’”

Americans must appreciate that our system of government is absolute in that it recognizes our inalienable rights, provides protection through the separation of powers in the branches of government and requires strict constitutional processes.  Ruling by executive order in disregard of these protections and the expansion of governmental bureaucratic control do not comport with our republican form of government.  To put our departure from constitutional norms into perspective, Arnn, a former director of research for Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Winston Churchill, points out why Churchill knew Adolf Hitler would be defeated:  “Churchill believed that Hitler’s kind of government could not work, and thus that it would not work.” 

To paraphrase Churchill in the present tense, a president who rules by unconstitutional executive order, converting us to a democracy from a constitutional republic, cannot work because it will not work.  The next four years will be difficult.  If we are committed, just as Hitler failed, the policies of the Obama Administration will fail, and we will return to the strength and freedom that leads the world.  

 What or who is at risk – religious freedom, the right to bear arms, the unborn, the elderly, the family, and other protected individual freedoms.  Even our form of government is at risk, but government is not God.  As Arnn concluded his interview, “The modern bureaucratic form of government cannot remain accountable to the people, so in the fullness of time it will become despotic.”  We must interrupt the fullness of time.  Our goal will be to do what we can to preserve these important values and we ask you to participate with us.

[1] Imprimis is an excellent monthly publication free from Hillsdale College.  See www.hillsdale.edu.


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