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2/1/2013 - February 2013 SLI Newsletter

February 2013

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

We know that many of us are discouraged by the reelection of President Barack Obama and by his aberrant policies.  It has become even more troubling since his election to a second term by his more arrogant and dictatorial attitude, even to the extent of some referring to him as “King Obama.”  However, we must not be discouraged but must see it as a call to action.

 We have two Educational Updates this month.  We feel compelled to comment about the problems we face as a result of Obama’s mode of operation.  It has a direct impact on the work that SLI does. 

 Our second Educational Update deals with another positive Alabama Supreme Court decision recognizing the personhood of the unborn.  We are grateful for the ruling and we are gratified that our continuing efforts to protect the unborn are doing just that.

This month begins the regular session of the Alabama Legislature.  We are excited that our Women’s Health and Safety Act was included in the House Republican caucus’s agenda.  This should give it greater momentum for passage.  It a significant piece of legislation to protect women’s healthcare and which will result in fewer abortions.  There are several other pro-life bills that we have drafted and we expect to be introduced by legislators.

The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama’s Courts bill will again be filed.  The purpose of this bill is to protect our strong public policy against the public policy of other states and foreign laws that diminish our constitutional and traditional way of life in Alabama. 

There are bills which we will be reviewing, both good and bad.  One bill already pre-filed will remove the requirement of teaching sexual abstinence education in public schools and against homosexuality.  There will be a bill to increase the penalty for gambling.  There will be alcohol related bills that endanger the family.  There will be a host of bills for which SLI will provide legal guidance to legislators. 

As a legal organization, it is not our role to lobby bills.  Our role is to provide expert legal advice on these issues.  We will provide updates and reports on our activities as they materialize in the Legislature and on other legal issues for which we are providing legal advice.  Your tax deductible contributions support those efforts.  We do not charge fees for these services, but there are many costs involved necessary to insure our presence there.

Thank you for your support.  We need it throughout the year.  With best wishes, I am,

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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