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9/4/2012 - September 2012 SLI Newsletter

September 2012

Dear Friends and Supporters,

 Abortion has again taken center stage in the presidential race.  It has been many years since the issue has gotten this much attention.  We think it is good.

 The issue arose when Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made a remark that a woman’s body will likely reject pregnancy in a “legitimate rape.”  Presumably, this removes it from being an exception to abortion.  The Democrats pounced on this and reinforced their continuing theme of Republicans “war on women.”  Though Akin’s science may not be correct, precluding rape as an exception to abortion is not a war on women.

 As we know, President Barack Obama supports unlimited abortion.  He claims he is personally against it, but wants it safe and rare.  His science is also incorrect.  What other disease or physical ailment do you dislike, but will accept it as long as it is safe and rare?  Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney opposes abortion, but supports exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest.  Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s exception is only for the life of the mother, but will support Romney’s policy.

 Apparently, the war on women reasoning is the Republican disregard for difficult circumstances presented women who are made pregnant through a rape or incest.  The reality for those who respect the sanctity of life is that the child conceived under these circumstances is no less a human being.  Consequently, the only real pro-life exception is life of the mother.  The argument becomes more complex when we must pragmatically determine what is politically and legally possible.  We believe that is what is behind Romney’s position and Ryan’s statement that he will support Romney’s policy.  This is the same dilemma we face as we support efforts by the Alabama Legislature to regulate abortion with the hope of reducing it and protecting women’s healthcare, though we are not able to prohibit abortion.  We do what we can. 

 The Republican Party platform plank respecting life without having rape or incest exceptions is a statement of their respect for life.  It does not mean, however, that in the real world of law and politics, they or we will not do what we can to save as many lives as possible.  We hope citizens will not be misled by the deceptive rhetoric of abortionists.

The summer has been very difficult financially.  As we are going into the fall and then preparing for next year, please send us as significant a financial contribution as you are able.  It is your tax-deductible support which makes our work possible and we are continuously grateful for that. 

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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