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4/2/2012 - April 2012 SLI Newsletter

April 2012

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Those who advocated moving Alabama’s political primaries forward in the election year, so we would be a player in who may be nominated for President, have been proven correct.  The Republican candidates campaigned here like never before and Alabama, along with several other southern states, has given momentum to some of the candidates.  We are glad Alabama could be an important part of the process, even though we are all glad the primary is over and our telephone is not a host to non-stop robo calls.

The role of politics and law in the protection of our individual freedoms and liberties is significant.  We cannot underestimate how important it is to select candidates who agree more closely with our values.  Although our Alabama primary is over and the general election is months away, we need to continue in prayer for the selection of godly men and women to positions of authority.

We recently saw the overlap of politics and law when the jury found not guilty those persons charged with statehouse corruption related to gambling.  The significance now is not that someone was guilty or not, but that this event will renew issues of gambling in Alabama.  Had there been a finding of guilty, our efforts over the last few years would have come to fruition and we would have had what we believe a lengthy respite from the efforts of gamblers to capitalize on the weaknesses of human nature.  We have been asked several times what we think is next and our Educational Update this month addresses this very pertinent question.

We have been exceedingly busy on the sanctity of life legislation pending in the Alabama Legislature.  We are currently negotiating with counselors over the language in our health care conscience bill.  We thought everyone was satisfied that the bill was fair and would protect religious, moral and ethical beliefs of health care providers at every level.  However, counselors have objected.  Our position is that we can make no exceptions for these constitutional protected rights.  We are continuing to work with them on language which may resolve their concerns.

All of the sanctity of life bills are moving quite slowly.  Many are lobbying their legislators to do what they can to protect the sanctity of life and the health of women.  We believe there can be no higher charge to a legislator than to protect his or her most defenseless constituents, the unborn.  Let them know what you think.

Thank you very much for your continuing financial support.  As always, we remind you that your financial support is necessary for us to continue providing these services.  On behalf of the Southeast Law Institute, I am,

                                                                                    Yours very truly,

                                                                                     A. Eric Johnston

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