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3/1/2012 - March 2012 SLI Newsletter

                                                                                                                         March 2012


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Since our last newsletter, there has been a major upheaval in the realms of religious liberty.  Our Educational Update this month speaks to President Barack Obama’s major affront to the United States Constitution’s Free Exercise of Religion Clause.  SLI’s foremost goal is to protect our religious freedom.  We have added our voice to those which oppose Obama’s attempt to tell organized religion what it must do.

Religion is significantly important in our lives.  For most of us, our religion is the most important motivating factor in our lives.  We are not free unless we have the liberty to believe as we choose and the freedom to apply our religion to the extent that it does not harm others or impinge on their rights. 

Obama’s affront also served to promote reproductive rights issues.  The effect of what he is trying to do cannot be underestimated.  He still has the expansion and protection of abortion rights as a goal. 

We will be exploring more of these issues in the months to come.  We are working in the Legislature on bills that would give the government the right to appropriately regulate abortion.  This is entirely contrary to the Obama Administration’s efforts to remove religious impediments to reproductive rights issues.

Similarly, we will be working on legislation that will guarantee to Alabamians constitutional protections against laws from other states, foreign countries or cultures that would diminish our individual constitutional rights.  When properly applied, our constitutional standards protect individual rights and liberties in a consistent manner by giving us the freedom to believe and act upon our beliefs, so long as these actions are a part of a properly and well ordered society.

Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts.  Please be in prayer for our work with the Legislature.  We will provide a report in the near future.  Also, please remember us with a financial gift.  These gifts make our work possible.

Thanking you for your support, on behalf of the Southeast Law Institute, I am,   

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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