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12/1/2011 - December 2011 SLI Newsletter





                                                                                                                        December 2011

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

Each year brings new and different challenges.  As we end this year and look forward to the new year, we can predict some of the things in which we may be involved, but we know that there will be new and unexpected challenges. 

 For the last several years we have spent a great deal of time dealing with gambling issues.  But last year, with the new Legislature, we were called upon to provide legal advice in many contexts, including, renewed interest in the sanctity of life and unexpectedly, the immigration debate and whether it interferes with churches and ministries.  We expect the latter to continue into next year.  Also, we do not want to miss this opportunity to once again say that churches and ministries are not at risk under the immigration law.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  There are still those who are attempting to perpetrate a deception upon churches and ministries about their status.

 Of course, religious freedom is always our bedrock issue.  Without the protections which come from the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment to the Alabama Constitution, we would not enjoy the freedom we have.  During the last part of the year, we have seen renewed complaints about nominal religious activities in public schools.  This month’s Educational Update is a reminder that students in public schools have constitutional rights.  We have not talked about that very much in recent years, because after the Chandler cases, mentioned in the Educational Update, we found most schools and organizations were respecting free exercise rights of students.  Apparently, there are perverse motivations for out of state persons to condemn and eradicate Alabama’s respect for religious liberty. 

 As in all the things we do, we do not charge.  If you know of those who have problems, whether individuals, churches, public schools, or others that come within our purposes, we will provide assistance at no charge.

Also, please remember that your tax deductible contributions make this possible.  As years go by, we see our ability to be a positive influence increasing, rather than decreasing.  The cost of providing these services is very high.  While we do not pay fees to our participating attorneys, it does cost to pay expenses to support these operations.  Consequently, please provide as generous a financial gift as you can here at the end of the year.  Your gifts are tax deductible to you. 

 Thank you for supporting us during the year.  Please pray for our efforts next year.  We will keep you informed of all that we do.  With wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, we are,  

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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