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5/2/2011 - May 2011SLI Educational Update - Some of the Bills We are Working on in the 2011 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature




To:                  SLI Supporters                                  

 Date:               May 2011  

 From:              A. Eric Johnston

 Re:                  Some of the Bills We are Working on in the 2011 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature



HJR16:  Crisis pregnancy center resolution signed by Governor on April 4.
Sponsors:  Rep. Blaine Galliher (R)/Sen. Beason (R)

Summary:  For about 30 years CPC’s, such as Sav-A-Life, have been providing assistance to women and families in crisis situations.  This is a recognition by the State of Alabama of their service.  A copy of the resolution was provided to every CPC in the state.

 HB138/SB45:  Umbilical Cord Blood Storage Information Act
Sponsors:  Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R)/Sen. Cam Ward (R)

Summary:  This bill requires doctors attending pregnant women to provide state prepared information on how umbilical cord blood stem cells can be donated or stored for future use.

HB178/SB46:  Health care rights of conscience
Sponsors:  Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R)/Sen. Cam Ward (R)

Summary:  This bill prohibits discrimination if a person did not want to engage in abortion, sterilization, human cloning, or embryonic stem cell research.

SB 201/HB557:  Abortion Coverage Prohibition Act
Sponsors:  Sen. Greg Reed (R)/Rep. Ed Henry (R)

Summary:  Alabama insurance could not cover an elective abortion, except through a premium paid by an optional rider.

SB 202/HB558:  Federal Abortion Mandate Opt Out Act
Sponsors:  Sen. Greg Reed (R)/Rep. Ed Henry (R)

Summary:  Obamacare permits a state Legislature to opt-out of federal abortion insurance.

SB 298/HB__:
 Abortion-inducing Drug Safety Act
Sponsors:  Sen. Gerald Allen (R)/Rep. Ed Henry (R)

Summary:  Prohibits obtaining abortifacients (RU-486) over the internet.  Medical protocols require three visits to the doctor, but this is not observed by many abortionists. 

Other Bills:

HB18:  Late term abortion ban
Sponsors:  Rep. Kerry Rich (R)

Summary:  Uses the time an unborn child can feel pain, approximately 20 weeks, as a prohibition threshold. 

SB 308:  Required Ultrasound

Sponsors:  Sen. Clay Scofield (R)

Summary:  Requires an ultrasound and giving the woman the opportunity to view it. 

S18/HB405/HB409 (Constitutional Amendment):  Personhood

Sponsors:  Sen. Phil Williams (R)/Rep. John Merrill (R)

Summary:  Would change Alabama law to define the unborn child as a person.

 American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment

             This bill is for a constitutional amendment.  It has two primary purposes:  (1) to strengthen Alabama’s public policy against giving full faith and credit to laws of sister states, such as, whether Alabama must recognize California same-sex marriage; and (2) to strengthen Alabama’s public policy to prohibit application of foreign laws by courts, that is, the use of international or foreign law to determine issues such as the legality of sodomy or capital punishment, and issues of individual rights and finance.

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