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3/1/2011 - March 2011 Educational Update - The 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference




To:                  SLI Supporters                                  

 Date:               March 2011  

 From:              A. Eric Johnston

 Re:                  The 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference

 The Conservative Political Action Conference (”CPAC”) is the foremost gathering of conservatives in the country.  Over 11,000 persons attended this year.  As you might expect, this is a highly influential and significant event.  CPAC is a very informative and beneficial meeting for conservative activists.  This year’s CPAC was more than education and edification.  It was a proving ground for conservative principles. 

 CPAC has gained sponsorship and participation by most conservative organizations.  These include many typically religious and family groups, such as Eagle Forum and Focus on the Family.  At least one organization, Family Research Council, recently declined to participate because it believes there are problems at CPAC.  I do not think there are problems in the conservative movement, but I believe there are some persons/groups who are either uncertain of their way or who are attempting to use the conservative movement for improper reasons.  CPAC revealed both of these.

 Eric Metaxas, the author of a number of books, including his most recent Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, clearly enunciated that moral order and God are behind conservative ideas.  He used as examples William Wilberforce, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Ronald Reagan as men got their ideas from God.  People of God must be involved in politics, but politics cannot be made the goal or idol.  If we honor God, He will bless America.  I believe that is the goal of true conservatives.

For true conservatives at CPAC, we saw a renewed interest in the sanctity of life issue.  There was a theme for unity on fiscal and social issues, as well as, the overall movement.  There was the recognition of the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth and his example.  All of these brought people together.

 However, I believe there are two factors that contributed to what some perceive to be problems at CPAC.  Those two factors are the influx of Tea Partiers and those who would try to use conservatism for their own antithetical special interest agenda. 

 Tea Partiers are not a problem.  Far from it.  They are, however, a group of people who have not been involved in thinking through all of the issues.  They are searching for the political identity conservatism can provide. 

The other factor is the GOProud homosexuals and Muslims who are each trying to use the conservative movement as a vehicle for giving themselves credibility to accomplish their goals.  The goals of radical homosexuals and Muslims are not related to any movement or political party, but are simply to use whatever vehicle they can to achieve legal and other recognition.

 Family Research Council’s problem was with the sponsorship of CPAC by GOProud, a homosexual group.  Other than having a small booth, GOProud’s presence was virtually unseen.  On the other hand, many speakers in many sessions, including virtually every potential candidate for the Republican nomination for President, spoke to the sanctity of traditional marriage and family. 

Of significant note was the support by two American Conservative Union (ACU) board members of questionable Muslim activities.  The ACU is the lobbying arm of the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), the main sponsor of CPAC.  ACU Board members Suhail Kahn and Grover Norquist both participated in a session which denied the radical goals of the Muslim Jihad.  The political goals of radical Muslims are, without doubt, being pursued in America’s culture.  Commentator David Horowitz spoke out strongly in a plenary session against the anti-American pro-Muslim agenda of Mr. Kahn.  SLI recognizes the dangers with Sharia law and other Muslim vehicles of destructive change.  As we noted in our December 2010 Educational Update, we are working on a bill for the regular session of the Alabama Legislature that will address this concern.  We will address this issue more at a later time.

 The ACUF should never have allowed the sponsorship by GOProud of CPAC and it must remove directors of ACU who support the Muslim Jihad.  I observed no liberal, homosexual, or Muslim agenda at CPAC, except for those isolated, though important, participants.  I believe attendees were in education mode learning conservative principles and not being subverted by perversion or deception.  Overall, conservatives held the high ground and the 2011 CPAC was a success. 

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