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3/1/2011 - March 2011 SLI Newsletter

March 2011

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

 The highlight of last month was my attendance at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (“CPAC”).  CPAC has always been a wonderful educational tool for what is happening in politics and the law in today’s world.  This month’s Educational Update explains how even CPAC may be the tool of those who threaten America’s strong traditional heritage.

 Of interest to parents is the problem referred to as “zero tolerance.”  We have encountered those cases in the past and they seem to be taking on an even new urgency.  Basically, zero tolerance means a public school system will punish a student for violating a rule, whether the student intentionally or even knowingly did so.  A case we had sometime ago involved a student who had prescription medication in her backpack, placed there by her father and unknown to her.  She was sent to alternative school as a result.  Another example would be a student who is physically attacked by another and defends himself.  The innocent student is punished for fighting.  These do not make sense, but judicial precedent seems to be against common sense.  We hope we are not seeing abuse by public school authorities, but if so, we may ask the courts to take recognition of protecting the innocent and providing students with protection of their rights.

 By the time this letter reaches you, the Alabama Legislature will be in session.  We have basically completed drafting all of our bills.  They include four bills related to abortion and one related to foreign law.  We have reviewed a number of other bills.  All legislative bills must be prepared in their final form by the Legislative Reference Service.  We have sent our bills to them and are waiting for LRS to return their drafts.  We will review and edit each as necessary.  LRS will then prepare the final version which the sponsoring senator or representative will then use to get co-sponsors and “drop the bill in.”  Our work is to draft and advise.  Our funds are not spent on lobbying.  We look forward to providing our good elected men and women legal service at no charge. 

 One never knows where one may encounter an opponent.  We must always be prepared for those occasions.  Preparation, attentiveness and willingness must be our watchwords.  Thank you for supporting our efforts through your financial contributions and prayers.  Please remember we will spend an extraordinary amount of time during the legislative session.  Your generous support will help us defray our expense.

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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