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11/1/2010 - November 2010 SLI Newsletter

November 2010



Dear Friends and Supporters,

 By the time you receive this, the November 2nd general election will be over.  We will know who will be our Governor, local Representatives and Senators, U.S. Congressmen and Senators, and officials at local levels.  We will know whether we will have governmental officials attentive to proper government, or those who are persuaded by special interests to do those things of which we do not approve.

 The one thing we can certainly do for our newly elected officials is to pray for them.  There are many pressures and complexities with which they must deal.  Perseverance and wisdom is very badly needed for their proper public service.

 Another thing we need to do is encourage them.  Now that they are elected, take a few minutes and write to the newly elected officials for your district.  So often, we prefer to attack and criticize government officials for not doing what we think they should do.  Now, before they have an opportunity to act, let them know you are concerned for them and you will be supportive of proper decisions and good government.  Of course, you will need to follow up in the coming months and years of their service to let them know you are still there and still concerned with good government.

 Bad things can happen when there is not good government.  This month’s Educational Update deals with a very old but newly emphasized problem – bullying.  American Character Builders, a sister organization to ALCAP, a group with whom we closely work, recognized the bullying epidemic many years ago and has programs for public schools.  Now we see that the gay agenda has hijacked bullying and is using it as a reason for recognition in public schools.  Bullying for any reason should be prohibited.  But as our Update points out, it should not be used for a subversive purpose.  We believe you will see more and more public attention drawn to this.

 As we come to the end of the year, please consider a generous contribution to SLI.  We have made it through another year and are grateful to have been of service.  As we look toward next year, we see many new issues that will arise and for which our services will be required.  Your support will make that happen. 

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                     A. Eric Johnston

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