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7/1/2010 - July 2010 SLI Newsletter

July 2010

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

             Citizens just had an opportunity to vote in the June 1, 2010 primaries for Alabama.  The Republican field was particularly crowded, although there were some hotly contested Democrat races.  There is a conservative and patriotic fervor across the country for replacing liberal Democrats, as well as liberal Republicans, with those who adhere to conservative traditional values.  Alabama is no exception.

             As a result of those crowded races, we will all have the opportunity to vote again in runoff elections on July 13, 2010.  The Republican nominee for Governor will be decided, along with many other nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties.  We urge you to investigate and inquire about the candidates for these runoffs.  It is very important that you elect persons who represent your values.  Share the information you learn and encourage others to vote.

             As many of you know, I ran to be a Republican nominee for one of the places on the Alabama Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, I did not receive the nomination.  I regret not having reached that objective, but I certainly do not regret having tried.  We all are called to one extent or another to participate in public service, including voting and supporting those who are in the public arena.

             I appreciate the support that I personally have received and I appreciate the support that you give to Southeast Law Institute for its goals and objectives.  Without support and without working together, we would not be able to reach the objectives for which we strive.  Keep that in mind as you consider your support for our efforts, as well as the coming elections.

             This month’s Educational Update calls to your attention the latest aggressive effort by homosexuals for recognition of their deviate lifestyle.  They are threatening the fabric of America’s fighting forces, as well as, religious freedom.

             It is summer and everyone is enjoying some free time.  Please remember that during this time we still have ongoing needs.  Please continue to pray for us and send as generous a financial contribution as you are able.  We very much appreciate your support.

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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