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6/1/2010 - June 2010 SLI Newsletter

June 2010

 Dear Friends and Supporters,

             The biggest thing on the legal horizon right now is the upcoming Senate confirmation hearings for President Obama’s next nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.  Although she has been nominated to replace Justice Stevens, the most liberal on the court, we cannot simply view this as not changing the balance of the court.  She will join the other liberal justices, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Ginsberg.  There will still be the conservative members, Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito.  Justice Kennedy will remain as a swing vote; we are never quite sure how he will vote.

             The thing about Kagan is that not only will she remain on the court for many years to come, but she is decidedly out of step with mainstream America.  She has openly opposed our traditional values, i.e., a strong military and gun ownership, sanctity of life and heterosexual marriage. 

             The significance about Obama putting such ideologues on the court is that they will constitute a U.S. Supreme Court who will rubberstamp the socialist programs and policies being put in place by the Obama Administration.  In other words, this court will be the activist court which will redefine America.

            One way Americans can stop this juggernaut is the midterm elections.  By the time you receive this newsletter, primaries will have ended and except for a few runoff races, we will know who will be in the general election on November 2nd.  The people we elect from the lowest to the highest offices will make a difference.  We encourage you to prepare yourself for that upcoming election.  The two years following will determine the extent to which the Obama Administration will succeed.

             This month’s Educational Update is an encouraging development in the gambling debate.  We appreciate your support through the year of our efforts to stop this illegal gambling.  It looks as though our efforts will be fruitful.

            Thank you very much for your continuing prayer and financial support.  Until next time, I am,

                                                                                     Yours very truly,


                                                                                     A. Eric Johnston

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