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5/3/2010 - May 2010 SLI Newsletter

May 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

             We finally finished the legislative session.  This month’s Educational Update is a brief summary of some of the activities and problems we faced.

             This was an exceedingly difficult legislative year because of the push by gambling moguls to legalize the unlawful gambling that is taking place in the state.  They needed new laws to avoid potential adverse court opinions. 

             We are also very concerned about some of the religious freedom problems we are seeing.  The National Day of Prayer was found unconstitutional by a federal court judge.  While the Obama administration has said they will appeal that decision, we are extremely wary of how diligent it will be in protecting this very important acknowledgement.  We are wary because, for example, President Obama has in the past remarked that America is not a Christian nation.  He has shown significant deference to Islam. 

             Another reason is the recent action by the Pentagon concerning the National Day of Prayer.  Franklin Graham had been an invited speaker and Focus on the Family had a task force involved in setting up the event.  Because Reverend Graham had commented about the truth of Islam in relation to the events of September 11, 2001, the invitation to him was revoked.  We all know the heritage of the Graham ministers.  Their report has always been favorable.  What Franklin Graham said in the past was in no way an improper statement.  He was simply recognizing a fact with which we must be concerned.

             Our religious heritage is important to us.  While we contend with many of the issues of legal and political life, we should always remember that the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States has made the First Amendment freedom of religion and prohibition of the establishment of a religion a reality.  This religious reality permits every person to worship as he or she deems appropriate.  We must not lose that heritage.

             The legislative days absorbed a great deal of time and resources.  Please pray for our recovery and we request your continuing financial support to replenish our reserves.  We are very grateful for your prayer and financial assistance.  We need both and you are faithful to provide.

                                                                                    Yours very truly,


                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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