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3/1/2010 - March 2010 SLI Newsletter

March 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you would expect, we are engaged in a significant battle over whether to legalize the illegal gambling going on in Alabama at this time. As lawyers, SLI is providing legal interpretation and support to those who are opposing this gambling. As individuals, involved with other organizations, we are also committing a great deal of time to the effort.

Our prayer and expectation is that we will be successful. With the leadership of Governor Bob Riley and his Task Force and the work of Citizens for a Better Alabama, ALCAP, Alabama Policy Institute and others, we are working in every venue. There is a great deal of opposition from the gambling hierarchy in the state.

On February 23, opponents to gambling held a rally on the State House steps. Pastors and citizens numbered in the hundreds. Governor Riley, First Lady Patsy Riley and pastors and others spoke. However, gambling supporters were bused in for the sole purpose of disruption. They yelled, cursed and verbally abused the speakers throughout the entire rally, including during prayers. As a constitutional lawyer, I have never seen such an abuse of freedom of speech. This demonstration of overt hostility was worthy of criminal arrest. We turned the other cheek and demonstrated our concern for them, in spite of their malice and abuse. Please pray for our efforts and their hearts.

You have seen much in the media about Governor Riley’s Task Force. Gambling moguls and their lawyers accuse the Task Force of violating the rule of law, disregarding due process and searching without warrants. None of this is true. Quite the contrary. The Task Force is operating completely properly and within legal bounds. The Alabama Supreme Court has validated the Governor’s efforts. Do not believe the rhetoric of the gamblers. Let the Governor know of your support and pray for his Task Force and its leader, District Attorney John Tyson.

Even though gambling is absorbing much of our time, we are also working on a number of other legislative bills. We will be reporting on those efforts at a later time.

We are in significant need of financial support. We are expending much time and resources on these efforts. Remember, we do not bill fees for this work. However, the costs of operations, travel and other expenses are significant. Please send in your tax deductible contributions. We are always grateful for your support.

With personal regards, I am,

Yours very truly,

A. Eric Johnston

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