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1/4/2010 - January 2010 SLI Newsletter

January 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

For many years Christmas was a time of great activity for us. We frequently wrote letters to school boards about what religious aspects of Christmas are permitted in public schools. Those problems still exist, but there definitely seems to be a diminution of conflict. We seem to have grown accustom to “Happy Holidays,” “Winter Holiday,” and other terms, without reference to Christmas. Hanukkah and Kwanza have taken on more importance. The secular aspects of Santa Claus and gift giving are most prominent.

We noticed the White House apparently has the annual Christmas tree, which is not a problem, but it also has a menorah. It would seem to us this would be a violation of the establishment clause and the ACLU would be filing a lawsuit. We are not holding our breath. The President, who claims to be a Christian, mocks the Christian faith with his policies and personnel appointments.

We believe these observations are a sign of the times. There is change in America, just as Obama predicted. He is not the only change agent, but we are all part of that change. We are moving toward a more secular society. But, it will not remain that way. Islam will certainly be, at least, partially filling the vacuum. We will go the way of Western Europe, permitting our own Christian heritage to slip away, while being replaced by the more committed Muslim faithful. We must remain constant in prayer for our nation and for our leaders from the President down. We have elections this year which are of utmost importance to our future. We have issues facing the moral strength of our culture.

We are preparing for the legislative session which begins January 12, 2010. We expect gambling to dominate. Governor Riley will be filing a bill to authorize charter schools, public schools with more freedom and better education for public school students. We believe charter schools are a good thing which provides parents yet another choice of educational method for their children.

There are three pro-life bills at this point. One is the healthcare provider conscience bill that we drafted several years ago. Another bill would amend the Alabama Constitution to recognize the personhood of the unborn. The third bill seeks to amend the Women’s Right to Know Act requiring the physician to inform the woman, prior to the abortion, that her child is a human being. While we agree with the sentiments of the two latter bills, they are problematic. We will fully inform you on these after the session begins.

SLI is committed to these efforts this year. Please pray for us and for our financial support. Economic times continue to be difficult, but we are steadfast in our determination.

Yours very truly,

A. Eric Johnston

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