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5/1/2009 - May 2009 SLI Educational Update - What Direction America - The First 100 Days



To: SLI Supporters

Date: May 2009

From: A. Eric Johnston

Re: What Direction America – The First 100 Days

As we watch the unfolding of the Obama presidency during its first 100 days, we wonder if he will “remake” America as he expressed in his inaugural speech. But more importantly, we wonder if Americans actually want America remade. Barack Obama was clearly articulate for change in his campaign. Two million Americans showed up at The National Mall on January 20, 2009 for his inauguration. Such an overwhelming response to the most unashamedly liberal ever to hold the office of President gives us pause to wonder about the will of the American people.

Obama has embraced homosexual and abortion rights, and continues to grow government at an alarming rate. Perhaps, he is remaking America, but he is doing so in his own image. We believe America does not need to be remade, but restored to the basic human rights and fundamental beliefs upon which she was founded. The Judeo-Christian tradition has served America well. However, Americans do not seem to be interested in preserving it.

While our First Amendment Free Exercise of Religion Clause permits the practice of all religions, it does not mean that all religions or beliefs are fundamentally sound and good for America. For example, militant Islamics have created the War on Terror and seek to destroy America as a Christian nation; members of the fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints practice polygamy; some mainline Protestants embrace homosexuality and abortion; and so the list goes on.

Obama professes to be a Christian and has freely identified himself with Christ. However, we know that for 25 years he attended a church of questionable teaching. We do not know enough about his personal faith, but because of his embrace of liberal anti-life and anti-family policies, it must be that brand of religion which is accepting of all beliefs and not believing in fundamental truths. Popular present day media icons seem to have as much influence on Americans, as do their religious beliefs. Consider the implications of the next two paragraphs.

On January 12, 2009, the Barna Group, a nationally known and respected polling organization, found that 71% of American adults say they are more likely to develop their own set of religious beliefs than to accept a defined set of teachings from a particular church. Half of Americans believe that Christianity is now just one of many faith options from which people can choose. Among all religious adults interviewed 65% said many religions can lead to eternal life. These are disturbing figures when considered with the overwhelming support shown Obama.

We look to celebrities for guidance. Celebrity (movie star and athlete) endorsements were more significant in this last presidential campaign than ever before. Celebrity participation in the inauguration was reported as if it was news. Our main source of information, the internet, is filled with celebrity reports and, even, Fox News has a special section on celebrity activities. At the Oscars, celebrities preached their values to us. Celebrities possess no ability to advise us. Their constant presentation to us in the media makes them familiar to us and we enjoy their movies and games. They are good at entertainment and portraying things that we are not. But, we are permitting them to define popular culture and we carry their ideas into real life.

As we survey the legal and political landscape ahead of us, we cannot avoid being contemplative. The only reasonable conclusion to which we can come is that this string of events is truly leading us to a remaking of America unlike any concatenation in her history. It can reasonably lead to a hypothesis that Americans favor remaking rather than restoring.

This means we must rally and begin to retake what we have lost. We do not mean to take away anyone’s freedom or rights. We must work toward preserving the American experiment so that it will continue. What we can do:

1. We must pray for those in authority over us. Primarily, we must pray for President Obama. We must pray that he will be righteous and restore rather than remake America, and not make doltish mistakes that will lead America to her downfall. We must sincerely pray for his enlightenment for good.

2. We must recommit ourselves to the issues as they develop. Inform ourselves, participate, and contact our elected representatives in government. Citizens must insist that government not replace God as our source of meaning. We must preserve religious freedom so that all may be free to have their religion. We must respect the sanctity of life and the family. We must defend America against threats from without and encourage enterprise to make her strong from within.

These things will be difficult because they will not be popular. For at least the next two years on the national level these will be minority ideas. God willing, we will be able to recover. As citizens, there are many things we can do, so we must bend ourselves to the task and not grow weary.

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