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3/1/2008 - March 2008 SLI Newsletter


                                                                                                March 2008


Dear Friends and Supporters,


            This month's Educational Update is a report on my recent attendance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  CPAC is always a valuable source of information for me.  I relish memories of the old days when Ronald Reagan would speak.  Though there is some question about the condition of the conservative movement at this time, I was heartened to see a very large group of college students and young professionals.  With the lessons of CPAC, I believe these young people will continue to carry the torch of freedom.


            We have been busy on several legal issues.  One of significance is an effort by the Houston County Commission to use a 1995 law which authorized charitable bingo as a vehicle for creating an entertainment casino type complex in the Dothan area.  As we go to press, there is uncertainty in the effort.  The Houston County Commission passed an ordinance on February 25 that usurps the authority of the legislature and increases its bingo activity from charity to high stakes gambling.  We will provide a more complete report on this when the events are more fully developed.


            On the legislative front, gambling is also an issue.  Representative Marcel Black (D-Colbert) filed a bill which permits high stakes bingo gambling at the Birmingham Race Course and at the Mobile track.  There are bills to increase bingo gambling at Greenetrack and in Macon County.  We provided legal opinions on these bills finding they proposed to permit basically unlimited bingo gambling that could be interconnected with bingo gambling sites all over the state. 


            The bills we drafted, the Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act and the Umbilical Cord Blood Use Act (the name was changed) have been filed.  They are being assigned to committee for consideration. 


            We have been consulted on a number of other bills.  Early in every legislative session, we are asked to draft and review various bills.  In the coming weeks, we expect to provide testimony in committee hearings.  Later, there will be a wait and see attitude as to whether various legislation passes or dies.  If you have any questions about legislation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


            Also, if we may be of assistance to you or you know of someone who needs assistance on issues of sanctity of life, religious freedom, parental rights, school issues and related matters, please let us know.  If it is something within our approved purposes, we will provide legal assistance at no charge.  Please remember that we are able to do this because of your tax deductible contributions.  This time of year a great deal of my time and the time of others is being taken to meet the many needs.  Please send as great a financial contribution as you are able.  Please remember to pray for our efforts.  With many thanks, I am,


                                                                                    Yours very truly,



                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston

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