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12/1/2007 - December 2007 SLI Newsletter







                                                                                                December 2007



Dear Friends and Supporters,


            As we close out 2007, several things are on our minds.  We observed the worst legislative year in memory.  The majority and controlling interests of the Alabama Legislature were totally indifferent to family and moral issues.  We expect to see more of that in 2008.


            We wish to further close with a comment on the degenerating perverseness of America.  Not only does our Legislature wish to pass laws protecting "sexual orientation," while at the same time refusing to protect innocent unborn life, but we hear U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying human embryos are a gift from God for destruction to combat disease and Randy Brinson (head of the new Christian Coalition of Alabama) saying legalized gambling is a good thing.  What seems most amazing is that the main contenders for the Republican Party's presidential nomination are pro-abortion (though some equivocate for pragmatic political reasons).  The conservative movement produced many good leaders, the highlight of which was Ronald Reagan.  However, since Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has entered into a slow demise.  George W. Bush called himself a "compassionate conservative," which was a signal to the rest of us conservatives that he was something different. 


            Speaking of presidential candidates you may have noticed that a number of pro-family leaders have said that any pro-abortion candidate is not acceptable.  Basically, that includes all of the candidates.  Those leaders, which include Jim Dobson (Focus on the Family), Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) and Paul Weyrich (Free Congress Foundation), have said that if there is not a pro-life candidate among the major party candidates, they will support minor party candidates.  This is really something to think about.  If America has come to the point where only those realistically able to be elected do not have traditional  values, then we look forward to liberal and even immoral government regimes which will take America further into its post-Christian culture.


            This month's Educational Update addresses the Democrats' view of religion and politics.  It gives you a whole different perspective.  From it, it is easier to understand why the above is true.


            These are all warnings which must awaken us to the need to be bold and to do those things which we know are right.  Please encourage us with your prayer and financial support.  If you have questions or wish to know how to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Your support and participation with us is important to not only the success of SLI, but to the success of the very good cause for which we fight.   


            Remember SLI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Your contributions to us are tax deductible to you and not taxable to us.  December 31 will be your last date to make such a gift to us for 2007.  Please make us as large a gift as possible. 


            We wish all of you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.  Until we meet again in the New Year, I am


                                                                                    Yours very truly,



                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston


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