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6/1/2007 - June 2007 SLI Newsletter

                                                                  June 2007




Dear Friends and Supporters,


            When the Legislature is in session, we are inundated with bill drafting, testifying and advising on issues.  We have done a significant amount of that this year.  However, because of the impasse in the Senate, the process virtually ground to a halt.  By the time you receive this newsletter, the session will have long been concluded.  The session was worse than we predicted in our January 2007 Educational Update.  We will give you a complete report in our next publication.


            The most significant life event that has taken place in many years was the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Carhart.  We have prepared an indepth analysis of that opinion and have posted it on our website.  We will publish a shorter version of the analysis in an upcoming Educational Update.  If you would like to see the detailed information at this time, please check our website (www.southeastlawinstitute.org). Select newsletter and then click on 4/27/2007 - Gonzales v. Carhart - A Step Away From Roe.  This decision offers but a scintilla of hope for someday eradicating the so called right to abortion.


            Our Educational Update reports this month on two abortion related matters.  One deals with the recognition of the taking of the life of the unborn child by having a funeral service.  The other deals with the reality of abortion as demonstrated by accurate, but graphic, presentations at college campuses.


            We have recently referred for assistance a sidewalk counselor who was arrested for violating a City of Birmingham noise ordinance.  You may remember in the 1990's there were significant demonstrations and arrests around the Birmingham abortion clinics.  We are blessed to still have those who are committed to witnessing the love of Christ on the sidewalks around those clinics.  SLI is privileged to continue rendering some small measure of support for those efforts.


            We frequently provide advice on what is a church school and a home school in Alabama.  There is a very complex and unclear legal position of home schools in Alabama.  We refer you to the SLI website (www.southeastlawinstitute.org) where you will find a lengthy detailed explanation of Alabama's law.    Select newsletter and then click on 1/6/2006 - Home Schooling in Alabama. 


            You probably read in the newspaper that the Executive Director of the Alabama High School Athletic Association, Mr. Dan Washburn, would not permit Hoover High School to play a Sunday game, because it was a day of worship.  While we have had our differences with the AHSAA in the past, we congratulate Mr. Washburn and the AHSAA on taking a proper stand for recognition of a day of worship and rest.


            Please remember us this month with as generous a financial gift as possible.  We are approaching the summer months and those are always a financial drought.  Please help us to prepare for the drought.  We are grateful for your continuing support and trust in our efforts. 


                                                                                    Yours very truly,



                                                                                    A. Eric Johnston


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