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Selected Statutes


  1. Parental Consent to Performing Abortion Upon Minor (1987) - Requiring parental consent for a minor to have an abortion, otherwise consent by judicial bypass.


  2. Women’s Right to Know Act (2002) - Regulations of abortion clinics to provide women a proper standard of healthcare.


  3. Women’s Health and Safety Act (2013) - Additional regulations of abortion clinics to provide women a proper standard of healthcare.


  4. Abortion of a Viable Unborn Child (1997) - Criminalizes abortion of a child who is viable, that is able to live outside the womb.


  5. Federal Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act (2012) - Prohibits abortion insurance coverage through a qualified healthcare plan offered through the Affordable Care Act.


  6. Unborn Infants Dignity of Life Act (2016) - Recognizes the humanity of unborn life, requiring proper disposition through burial and prohibiting sale of baby body parts.


  7. The Alabama Human Life Protection Act (2019) - Makes abortion a Class A felony at any stage of pregnancy.


  8. Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act (2017) - Prohibits employment discrimination against persons who, for religious, moral, etcetera, reasons cannot perform a service related to abortion, sterilization, human cloning, or human embryonic stem cell research.


  9. The Assisted Suicide Ban Act (2017) - Prohibits physician or other assisted suicide.


  10. The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment (Constitutional Amendment approved 2013) - Requires Alabama courts to respect the constitutional rights of all individuals without regard to foreign laws or other legal codes.


  11. The Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment (Constitutional Amendment ratified 1999) - Provides through a constitutional amendment the compelling interest test for protecting religious freedom.


  12. Church Schools and Daycares - Provisions of various statutes related to religious freedom, including but not limited to, prohibitions of regulation of church schools, church-run daycares, and other church ministries.


  13. Childcare Safety Act (2018) - Provided exemptions in the Act to protect church-run childcare facilities from state regulation.


  14. Rehabilitation Programs Operated by Religious Organizations - Various statutes prohibiting regulation of church or religious operated organizations that provide controlled substance rehabilitation.


  15. The Alabama Marriage Protection Act (1998) - Establishes marriage is between one man and one woman, and prohibits issuing a marriage license to parties of the same sex.


  16. The Sanctity of Marriage Amendment (Constitutional Amendment ratified 2006) - Establishes marriage is between one man and one woman; prohibits issuing a marriage license to parties of the same sex; prohibits recognition of a same-sex marriage from another state.


  17. Alabama Child-Placing Agency Inclusion Act (2017) - Protects religious organizations which operate child-placing agencies from being required to make adoption or foster placements in same-sex or other situations that violate their religious beliefs.


  18. The Alabama Anti-obscenity Enforcement Act (1989) - Criminalizes the sale, distribution, etcetera, of obscene materials and materials harmful to minors.

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